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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Cheats

Expanding on the original's brilliance, this ingenious platformer only gets better by embracing the Wii's limited capabilities and adds so many ideas, big and small, that we can't help but love it. Even if you (mistakenly) believe it's too similar to the first game, what's wrong with more of an incredibly great thing?

Super Mario Galaxy 2 guides

Super Mario Galaxy 2 FAQs

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Unlockables

  • Wii | Submitted by RogertheKangaroo

    Unlock A Secret World

    Unlock the Secret World: Beat the game once.

  • Wii | Submitted by CheatPlanet

    Unlock the Grandmaster Galaxy

    Collect all 240 stars, including Normal Stars, Prankster Comet Stars, and Green Stars.

  • Wii | Submitted by CheatPlanet

    Unlock All Luigi Ghosts

    Get 9999 coins and you'll automatically unlock all the Luigi ghosts without having to complete every level as Luigi.

  • Wii | Submitted by CheatPlanet

    Banker Toad's Items

    The Toad that banks your star bits will unlock some items as you deposit more star bits.

    Diver Toad: Deposit 6000 star bits

    Explorer Toad: Deposit 8000 star bits

    Glasses: Deposit 1000 star bits

    Pickaxe: Deposit 4000 star bits

    Spear and shield: Deposit 2000 star bits

    The Perfect Run (Grandmaster Galaxy Daredevil Run): Deposit 9999 star bits

  • Wii | Submitted by CheatPlanet

    Unlock Rosalina Save File Icon

    There is a save file icon that looks like Rosalina's head which is unlocked by collecting all 120 Power Stars and defeating Bowser a second time.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Glitches

  • Wii | Submitted by CheatPlanet

    Infinite Yoshi Jumps

    Jump while holding A and before you finish Fluttering (The jump where Yoshi kicks his feet and groans), and while still holding A, Press Z, then quickly release A, then Press A again. Rinse and repeat.

  • Wii | Submitted by Gamebrain 8505

    Die during credits


    If you gathered 120 stars, defeat the final boss once again.During the credits at the part whit the whittles there will be a bee mushroom, grab it and transform into bee mario/luigi.
    Wait until the next scene, the one with the snowball and the star bunnies, the moment you get there, you will start by falling into the scene, hold a so you stay out of the camera's view, flie towards the camera but keep your height.
    And before you know it, you die.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Hints

  • Wii | Submitted by nintendoLUVER!!!!


    Supermassive Galaxy

    First, travel to the small,2-d planetoid with the giant koopas.Instead of drilling them, jump on top of one and stay there. After seven jumps,or chimes, the 1-UP symbol will appear and you will rack up lives from 1 to 99

  • Wii | Submitted by Crazy_Cakes_AKA_Lindsey

    Bronze Star Mode


    If you are struggling in a certain spot and you keep loosing lives, after you lose at least 7 lives, Rosalina (from the first game) will appear and guide you through the rough spot you're troubling with. Once you reach the star with her help, it will be a bronze star!