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"Easily one of the best shows ever created" – The first reactions to Stranger Things season 3 are in

Stranger Things season 3 reactions
(Image credit: Netflix)

Stranger Things season 3 is here! If one of the best shows on Netflix has taught us anything, it’s that half the fun of binge watching is following along with everyone else’s reactions on Twitter. Want a peek into the social media meltdown? Here’s our (mostly) spoiler-free round-up of fans’ rabid reactions to Stranger Things season 3.

The binge is back

July 4? What’s that? Independence Day may as well have been cancelled for those looking forward to Stranger Things season 3. With only eight episodes this time around, plenty were getting stuck into a good ol’ binge.

Now, that's what I call '80s references

Stranger Things season 3, more than ever before, has gone heavy on the ‘80s references. Terrible haircuts, synth music, and even more terrible haircuts. I’m pretty sure there’s rainbow leggings in every other scene, too. Young and old alike were all spellbound by the dazzling festival of colour and crop tops.

The new faces in town are impressing

The new mayor is one of the best cartoonishly evil villains around, but it’s Scoops Ahoy’s Robin that steals the show. Hawkins, Indiana, just found its next kick-ass mall worker. And, no, it’s not Steve.

Eleven and Mike sitting in a tree...

The Stranger Things season 3 trailer has hinted that the fledgling romance between Eleven and Mike would drive a wedge between the gang. It certainly does – but many are cringing (and cheering) alongside some trademark childhood lovey-dovey moments.

Oh, the horror

Stranger Things isn’t just a time capsule back to the time that style forgot. There’s the small matter of the Upside Down and all the creepy nasties that come with it. Pro tip: don’t watch certain scenes alone.

How's Stranger Things season 3 so far

The verdict is in: Stranger Things season 3 is a hit. Not only that, but fans are already looking ahead to a potential fourth season, such was the quality of this year’s eight episode run. Same time next year? Pretty please?

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