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Stolen review

Nicolas Cage's daughter has been Taken...

Rehashing material already stomped into the dust by Liam Neeson and Mel Gibson, Stolen tells the time-worn tale of a man desperately trying to save his kidnapped daughter.

Recently paroled master thief Will Montgomery (Nicolas Cage) attempts to leave his past behind until his young daughter (Sami Gayle) is nabbed and held for ransom by an ex-partner who thinks Will is sitting on 10 million dollars in stolen loot.

The problem is, he doesn’t have the money, and the clock is ticking.

And so, with the help of a sexy partner-in-crime (Malin Ackerman), he attempts one last heist - with the cop who sent him down (Danny Huston) back on his trail.

Loud, predictable fun from Simon ‘ Con Air ’ West.

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