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Steve Coogan in The Great Beyond

Steve Coogan


Steve Coogan may star in The Great Beyond , a remake of BBC produced Cruise of the Gods.

The film is centered on a fan cruise in honor of a fabricated science-fiction series. Conflict arises between the cast who have been reunited after the series went off the air decades ago.

Focus Features are interested in the remake and Steve Coogan may be set to reprise his original role.

Coogan’s Hamlet 2 was not exactly a hit at the box office, but it again demonstrated his talent to movie types.

David Guion and Michael Handelman, known for their recent writing collaboration on comedy film Dinner for Schmucks , are in line to pen the script and direct.

Ben Stiller is attached to produce in conjunction with Coogan’s Baby Cow company.

Can Coogan go ‘beyond’ and carry a comedy movie? Let us know!

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