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Spider-Man forms a whole new team in Sins of Norman Osborn 'Sins Past' tie-in

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

One of Spider-Man's greatest arch-enemies is taking a new spotlight in September as part of the 'Sins Rising' arc, with the release of Amazing Spider: Man: The Sins of Norman Osborn. The one-shot pits Peter Parker and a whole new team of wall-crawlers against the once-and-future Green Goblin, who now serves as the head administrator of Ravencroft Asylum.

Written by Amazing Spider-Man series writer Nick Spencer with art from Federico Vicentini and a cover from Ryan Ottley, The Sins of Norman Osborn will lead Spider-Man to put together a team of his allies to combat Sin-Eater – the Order of the Web, consisting of Miles Morales, Spider-Woman, Ghost-Spider, Spider-Girl, and Madame Web. The one-shot was announced in Marvel's just-released September solicitiations.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

"The Sin-Eater has leveled up thanks to Kindred, and his evil plan is WORKING — New York City is on fire at its own hand, Ravencroft is under siege and Spider-Man seems to be the only one who knows right from wrong anymore," reads Marvel's solicitation for Amazing Spider-Man: Sins of Norman Osborn. "He certainly can’t look for help from Ravencroft’s chief administrator, Norman Osborne, whose past will haunt both himself and Spider-Man!"

"So Spidey calls his Amazing friends Miles Morales: Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Ghost-Spider, Spider-Girl and Madame Web in to help," it concludes. "The Order of the Web is born."

Norman Osborn will return to his identity as Green Goblin in Amazing Spider-Man #850 (#49, by non-legacy numbering), which will feature a whole host of artists and writers returning for an oversized milestone celebration issue.

Amazing Spider-Man: The Sins of Norman Osborn is due out September 16.

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