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South Park returns to XBLA with Tenormans Revenge in spring 2012

Ask a South Park fan what the best episode is, they might say Cartoon Wars or Fishsticks or Woodland Critters Christmas, but the correct answer would be the epic Scott Tenorman Must Die. In it Cartman exacts vengeance on privileged teen Scott Tenorman, and today Microsoft and South Park Studios revealed Tenorman would be getting payback of his own in Tenorman’s Revenge, a new platformer coming to exclusively to Xbox Live Arcade next year.

Above: ManBearPig is real and super cereal

Expect references to classic episodes throughout as the 2D action game tells the story of the four boys battling Scott Tenorman and his army of Gingers. We just hope to see the Woodland Critters, and maybe, just maybe, some otters riding ostriches. The game’s being developed by Other Ocean Interactive, the devs behind the better than expected Dark Void Zero, and will formally debut tomorrow during a panel at the New York City Comic Con, so keep an eye out for some video of the title tomorrow.

Oct 13, 2011

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