Sony readies 360 Video Marketplace rival

Sony plans to take on 360's Video Markteplace with a new video store for PS3. It's even been showing off the new store to retailers and publishers.

The new video store was reportedly presented to publishers and retailers at the same conference from which the Metal Gear Solid 4 release date and bundle announcements came from last week.

It's said to resemble the SingStore, where owners of SingStar go to download new songs. Only Sony-owned productions were shown in the early version, and no other studios to back the service were named,says Kotaku.

The store is expected to launch in the US first, although no exact release dates or prices were given. Sources at the same presentation also reported a PSN overhaul to take place in April. Could the video store appear then?

We're awaiting word from Sony who seems happy to shield us from the new-look store for the time being.

Courtesy of CVG.

Mar 4, 2008