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Skate's funniest home videos

Much like the laws of physics, there are laws of comedy. While we all have our own opinions of what’s funny and what’s not, humanity has universally agreed that the following things are hilarious:

1. People eating shit hard

2.People getting hit in the balls

3. People eating shit hard and getting hit in the balls

In this age of DIY games and user created content, Skate’s video editor has stood out, giving players fancy filters and focus effects so they can class up their slow-mo shots of skaters getting hit in the nuts or slamming into a wall at 55 mph. This YouTube video attempts to collect some of the best and manages toinclude some great physics glitches as well:

Just FYI, mostly all the clips in this YouTube user's vid were culled/stolen from the

Apr 22, 2010

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