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Silent Hill composer teases announcement of a new project fans are 'hoping to hear about'

Silent Hill 2
(Image credit: Konami)

Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka is teasing a new project for this summer, one that fans are "hoping to hear about".

Speaking in a now-removed interview on the AI Hub YouTube channel, the legendary composer who has also worked on Xbox Series X exclusive The Medium, said that a new project will be announced this summer:  "You’ll probably hear something this summer to be announced," Yamaoka said, going on to add, “I think it’s the one you’re kinda hoping to hear about".

While this could be literally anything other than something related to Silent Hill, it's important to note that Yamaoka was one of the people who worked with Konami and the team on the original Silent Hill series, so it would make sense that his comments of this project being "the one" we all want to hear about could relate to the beloved horror franchise.

Ever since the cancellation of P.T., the rumor mill has been busy churning out false hope, speculation, and anything it can grasp at which might indicate a new Silent Hill game is on the way.

Just last year in March, there were credible rumors that some form of a reboot for the Silent Hill franchise was on the way, with two new games in development. Here we are almost a year on and nothing has come to fruition, at least, until now with Yamaoka's interview.

If you're an avid Twitter user you might've seen Masahiro Ito, one of the art directors for Silent Hill, talking about a 'new project' last year for which he said he is a core member of, adding that he "hopes" it doesn't get canceled.

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While there is a building body of evidence that we could be looking at a brand-new Silent Hill game announced, nothing at all has been confirmed by Konami at this stage.

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