Sony Silent Hill rumours "are credible" according to industry insider

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Rumours that Sony is working on a new Silent Hill game are reportedly "credible." according to industry figure Imran Khan. 

Speaking on the latest episode of the Kinda Funny podcast, host Khan said that there may be more than just a grain of truth to reports from earlier this year that a reboot was in the works.

Speaking about Hideo Kojima's apparent desire to make a new horror game around the 47 minute mark of the video below, Khan said: "If Sony's also making a Silent Hill - which we don't know that they are, those are just rumours - I would assume that Sony's not part of [Kojima's project], if they're making a separate, Silent Hill-like game, but who knows? The industry's been weirder than that."

When asked what he thought about the rumours, Khan said that "I think the rumours are credible and I know that the people who are rumoured to be involved in Silent Hill are working on something." Khan points out that he doesn't "know for a fact" that those people are working on the franchise, but does say that he's heard enough rumours that the game will be appearing at an event that "either a bunch of people are being fooled, or it just keeps getting pulled."

The rumours Khan is referring to are likely to be those that surfaced in March, which suggested that a Silent Hills game was being developed for the PS5 as part of a series reboot. Those came from two reasonably reliable sources, but there's been no word from Sony, who is said to be developing the game in its SIE Japan Studio with the director and writer of the original game, Keiichiro Toyama, on board. Elsewhere in the podcast, some speculation suggests that Sony could be planning to use The Game Awards for a series of announcements, although in lieu of anything official, I wouldn't hold my breath for that.

In related news, Kojima Productions has confirmed it's working on a new project, which could be a horror game.

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