Should The Bionic Woman fear the reaper?

She’s now the Six Million Viewers Woman. Ratings for the much-touted Bionic Woman remake have now more than halved since its premier episode, leading to fears that cancellation is imminent.

The show kicked off with nearly 14 million viewers a couple of months back, but the past two episodes have scored just 6.44 and 6.3 million viewers respectively. These kind of numbers are hard to bounce back from.

Heroes, meanwhile, has recovered slightly after a rocky start to season two (for which Tim Kring has gone on record to apologise). After dipping below 10 million viewers for the first time three weeks ago the show has put back on about million viewers as the episodes themselves have seen a swing back to the kind of quality we expected in season one.Let’s hope this continues (in both respects).

Other Stateside SF shows that should start fearing the axe include CW’s Reaper (now down to an average of 2.5 million viewers) and Journeyman (hovering around the 6 million mark). Supernatural is also experiencing a steady decline in viewers with the latest episode scoring 2.89 million.

Real winners are thin on the ground. Ghost Whisperer (averaging just above 9 million) remains a strong performer, and Moonlight (last episode: 8.2 million) is at least keeping hold of viewers. The brilliant Chuck is averaging between 7.5 and 8 million which is hardly strong, but at least it's not haemorrhaging viewers like some shows. Pretty much the same can be said for Pushing Daisies (last episode: 8.9 million), while Smallville just chugs along pretty much on the same level it has for the past three seasons (4.5 million is pretty much the norm, and not a bad result for CW).