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Sex Drive review

It's a road movie. And it's about sex. See what they did, there?

It’s tough being a sensitive american male teen. There’s beatings from your jerk older brother (James Marsden on top form) and worst of all, the only movies about your experience are dumb, demeaning gross-outs featuring Seann William Scott.

Eighteenyear-old Ian (Josh Zuckerman) has a solution: a cross-country road trip to meet the internet girlfriend who’s promised to deflower him, accompanied by wisdom-dispensing ladies’ man Lance (Clark Duke) and sarky emo kid Felicia (Amanda Crew).

There’s also an enjoyable guest-turn from Seth Green as a guilt-tripping Amish guy. Think of it as American Pie for a post-Apatow world: crude, yes, but with its heart exactly where it should be.

Ellen Jones

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