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Serial Cleaners brings a bloody new trailer to the Future Games Show

A new trailer for Serial Cleaners has debuted at the Future Games Show.

In the clip, we see the player character cleaning up what (we can only assume) is a very violent crime, dragging bodies out into the snow for shredding with chainsaws and, in the process, creating quite the mess.

As you can imagine, the law is breathing down your neck throughout the game, and at the end of the trailer, the put-upon cleaner has to escape a cop by sliding through a puddle of blood before hoovering up the red stuff very quickly. If Quentin Tarantino decided to remake ‘How Clean Is Your House?’, it would probably look something like this. 

If you didn't know, Serial Cleaners is actually a sequel to the original 2017 indie hit, Serial Cleaner. The original game was set in 1970's America, and featured one playable character, whereas the sequel is moving the action forward two decades to the ‘90s and introducing four total play styles with unique actions in each. Different maps are tied to different cleaners, so you'll experience different cleaning scenarios with each cleaner. 

Currently, Serial Cleaners doesn't have a firm release date, but when it was revealed at last year's Future Games Show, it carried a release window of 2021. Whenever it does launch, Serial Cleaners will come to PC, Xbox One, and PS4. You can also wishlist it on Steam, to make sure you get all the latest info on Draw Distance’s clean-up sim.  

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