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See the first image of Karl Urban as Judge Dredd

The first image of Karl Urban in his full Judge Dredd outfit has hit the web.

We weren't expecting to get a glimpse this early (the shot actually comes from a rehearsal session), but the producers are no doubt keen to eradicate memories of the naff Sylvester Stallone vehicle.

The image was posted on Twitter by comic artist Jock , and picked up by Collider.

It has to be said that Urban certainly looks the part. He's got the jawline for the iconic helmet, and he knows how to point a gun menacingly. We also like the 'armoured leather jacket' look he's sporting.

The script has been written by 28 Days Later scribe Alex Garland, and the movie's being directed by Pete Travis ( Vantage Point ). Juno 's Olivia Thirlby will be appearing alongside Urban in the gritty comic adaptation.

Selling itself as a much more faithful version of the source material, Judge Dredd is currently shooting in Johannesburg, in 3D.

Source: Collider

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