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Rumor: EA developing 'Madden Curse' movie

Set your hoax detectors to stupify because EA is rumored tobebringing its infamous 'Madden Curse' concept to the big screen.

According toThe Wrap, a Hollywood industry website that isn't prone to spreading ridiculous lies, a source within EA has confirmed that a sports comedy movie is being developed based on the video game curse that (as the legend goes) dooms all football stars who dare to grace the cover of EA's Madden NFL series to injury or lackluster performance. The film is reportedly being produced by the vice president of EA Entertainment, Pat O'Brien, and will follow an ex-footballer as he is ejected from the league after falling prey to the curse himself.

We're still four months away from April fools, and the holidays aren't typically a time for hoaxes, so it's possible that someone within EA does believe this is actually happening - even if that someone is an intern who happened to get access to the PR mailing list. EA has yet to confirm the project, but considering Hollywood is adapting themagic 8-ballfor film, this is one rumor that's crazy enough to be true. If it actually happens, $20 bucks says Dwayne %26ldquo;The Rock%26rdquo; Johnson gets the lead role.

Dec 20, 2010

[Source:The WrapviaCVG]