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Rocksmith 2014 coming this October

Rocksmith is the rhythm game that has practical value: since you're using an actual electric guitar to play, all the riffs you're learning are the real deal. At its E3 2013 press conference this afternoon, Ubisoft kicked things off with a demo for a new version of Rocksmith, hosted by none other than Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell.

Cantrell's rocking performance showed off Session Mode, a jam session simulator that gives you virtual band members to play along with. After choosing their instruments and style, simply play and your AI bandmates will play with you. While traversing the game's menus to choose a song, Cantrell also demonstrated the game's voice recognition capabilities with Kinect.

Rocksmith 2014 is set for release this October (that's 2013, by the way, but who's counting). If you've got a guitar, you're practically halfway to playing this game.