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Resident Evil 5: BSAA Emblem Guide

We’ve collected many trivial things in our time. Briefcases, bags, bobbleheads, death cards, even human skulls sit comfortably in our mental trophy room of Worthless Accomplishments. But none of these were so frustratingly hard to find as the BSAA emblems in Resident Evil 5. Some are dangling. Some are sticking to the roof. Some are slid horizontally into space only large enough for the exact dimensions of the emblem. In other words… you need this guide.

Above: Collect all 30 and Sheva’s tribal costume is all yours

Grabbing all 30 gets you that lovely getup, plus something special for Chris and a number of other trinkets (we’ll let you discover those yourself). Now, on with the guide.

For a complete guide to gameplay, including bosses and puzzles, go HERE

Chapter 1-2: The first emblem lies just outside the boundary of the level (told you they were tricky), but it’s easy to spot from the balcony of this two-story building.

Chapter 1-2: You’ll come to a room with a wooden ladder and no roof. Take a look up and you’ll see BSAA number two resting on the water tower.

Chapter 1-2: The last emblem of 1-2 is just before the exit, right after the metal briefcase filled with pistol ammo. Look through the walls on the left to see it hovering along the back wall.

Chapter 2-1: Located in the very room you start the level, hanging on the wall to the right of the exit. Miss this and you should put the controller down and consider a different hobby.

Chapter 2-1: After stopping the runaway truck and crossing the bridge, turn around to face said bridge and find this emblem resting near one of the support columns.

Chapter 2-1: This cruelly placed emblem is in the area where you find the keys dangling from a body. Before entering the room with those keys, check this small structure’s crevice for a well-hidden collectible.

Chapter 2-1: After using the keys and crossing the small boat, look for 2-1’s fourth emblem hanging on a building’s balcony. You’ll have to get higher up to see it – do so by climbing the wooden ladder nearby.

Chapter 2-1: When you reach the assist jump, turn around and look to the upper right to find this emblem relaxing on the roof.

Chapter 2-2: There’s a giant tower behind the star point – walk out far enough, turn around and use a rifle to break BSAA emblem number nine.

Chapter 2-2: When you cross the small underground bridge, look at the waterfall to your right to spot the next target.

Chapter 2-2: Once outside, climb the really tall ladder and move to the left. Use a rifle to find this emblem sitting on top of the buildings you just left.

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