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How to solve the Resident Evil 2 plug puzzle - where to put the chess pieces to open the Monitor Room door

Finding the Resident Evil 2 Chess Plug puzzle will probably be sticking point as you try to work out what it all means. There's a riddle to place  chess piece plugs involved correctly, and that's once you've found them all. It'll be the toughest puzzles in the game for most people and as you need to finish it to open the monitor door in the Sewers there's no going around it. 

The good news is you can just cheat and copy the answer we've got here for both Leon and Claire's playthroughs (both are different). So here's how to find the chess plugs, open the sewer monitor room u-door and places the chess plugs correctly to move on with both your life and Resident Evil 2.

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Where to find the King and Queen Plug

Upon entering the Monitor Room for the first time, you’ll notice that there are three chess pieces (Bishop, Pawn, Knight) that have been inserted into the plugs on the wall. However, the door will only open once you place the three remaining chess pieces in the correct order. You’ll first need to solve another puzzle to obtain the missing Queen, King, and Rook Plugs. 

Both the King and Queen Plug can be found in the Supplies Storage Room located in the Lower Sewers, so quickly retrieve the T-Bar Valve Handle from the Treatment Pool Room and use it on the floodgate. Make your way through the Bottom Waterway, taking extra care to avoid the mutated zombies that lurk beneath the water’s depths. Once you have navigated your way through your sludgy surroundings, you should arrive at the Supplies Storage Room. 

How to solve the Supplies Storage Room Puzzle 

Use the following solution below to obtain the King and Queen Plug:

  • Step 1: Upon entering the room, take the Queen Plug from the left side door and put it in the door on the right. 
  • Step 2: Proceed through the door and go up the stairs on your right. Take the King Plug and jump down. You should land right next to the door that you originally put your Queen Plug into.

  • Step 3: Head back through the door (the one with the stairs on the right), but this time put the King Plug into the door socket on your right. Make sure you take the Chemical Flamethrower or Spark Shot from the rack (this weapon changes depending on Leon/Claire first/second play through) and unlock the door behind you.
  • Step 4: Leave the room by taking the original door you used to open with the King Plug. Take the King Plug out of the door socket and proceed back through the room to claim the Queen Plug. 

Where to find the Rook Plug

After you’ve managed to retrieve both the King and Queen Plugs from the Monitor Room, you’ll need to obtain the Rook Plug. To do this, open the Lower Waterway floodgate in the Lower Sewers, then take the lift up to the Workroom. Exit the room and head over to the door with the socket. Once you have the Rook Plug safely tucked away in your inventory, it’s time to head back to the Monitor Room. 

How to solve the Monitor Room Chess Plug Puzzle, first and second playthrough 

Now that you have the King Plug, Queen Plug, and Rook Plugs, you’ll finally be able to solve the Monitor room chess puzzle. The order changes depending on if you're on a first or second play through so make sure you're doing the right one. 

Monitor Room Chess Plug Puzzle Solution, first playthrough

To open the locked door in the Monitor Room for the first time, simply place the Bishop, Rook, and Knight on the left side wall and Pawn, Queen, and King into the right wall. Facing the notice board the order should look like this: 

  • Knight   King
  • Rook   Queen
  • Bishop   Pawn

If you have put them in the correct order the door should swing open.

Monitor Room Chess Plug Puzzle Solution, second play through

Because nothing is easy, if you play through a second time the solution for the Monitor Room Chess Piece Puzzle will have changed. The process for getting the plug pieces is the same but the wall order will have changed. Once you've got them all via the process we've outlined above then the King, Bishop and Queen go in the left wall, and the Knight, Rook, and Pawn in the right. Facing the notice board that looks like this:  

  • King   Knight
  • Bishop   Rook
  • Queen   pawn

Get them all in place and the Monitor Room U-door will pop open again and you can proceed. 

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