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Reshoots for Jonah Hex

It seems that comic-book adap Jonah Hex is heading for reshoots early next year - with its director being overseen by a 'consultant' during the process. Are those alarm bells we're hearing?

This is Jimmy Hayward's first project after helming Horton Hears a Who and, according to Bloodydisgusting , I Am Legend 's Francis Lawrence has been brought in to give the guy some back-up.

Is this all hands to the pumps to save a movie with problems, or just a perfectly understandable attempt to make an already decent film a little better, given that it's not slated for release until June?

Jonah Hex stars Brolin as an ex-Civil War officer-turned-bounty hunter with a hideously scarred face who finds himself trying to stop John Malkovich's voodoo-wielding bad guy from raising an army of undead soldiers.

Lawrence already has experience working with zombified hordes after wrangling the Infected in I Am Legend , so if the voodoo hoodoo comes to fruition in Hex , expect the soldiers to run stupidly fast and headbutt everything in sight.

Are you looking forward to seeing Hex hit screens, or are you a little worried by this announcement? Let us know below...