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Red Dead Redemption 2 PC modders add their own version of Undead Nightmare

(Image credit: Rockstar/YouTube user @jedijosh920)

Red Dead Redemption 2 is absolutely brilliant on the PC thanks bigger draw distances, even more realistic lighting, and textures that seem like you can reach out and pet the horse on your screen - oh, and modding. We've been waiting for a sequel to Undead Nightmare, the zombie mode Rockstar introduced to Red Dead Redemption nearly a decade ago, and modders are finally giving it to us on PC. 

YouTube user @jedijosh920 shared a video that features a damn good zombie mod for the Red Dead Redemption 2 single-player campaign mode on PC. Dark clouds loom overhead, and a horde of the undead run at the player and attack NPCs, who react to them by screaming, running, or trying to fight back. The undead invade the town, breaking into the saloon and attacking townsfolk. The thunderstorm raging as zombies attack really sets the scene, no?

In September, GamesRadar+ reported that it looked like Rockstar was teasing Undead Nightmare 2 (or Halloween content) when Red Dead Online players noticed some zombie-ish characters lurking about. This year's Halloween event, however, was Fear of the Dark, which pitted Hunters and Night Stalkers (who were more slasher movie villains and less zombies) against each other. Other than the occasional green-eyed corpse stumbled-upon by players, there hasn't been any other nods to an upcoming zombie mode.

That's why this mod is so fantastic - according to IGN its creators are using a Discord channel or collaboration, with the goal of ultimately creating their own version of Undead Nightmare 2 once it's complete. If Rockstar won't give us a sequel to Undead Nightmare, modders will.

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