Rainbow Six Vegas baby

Rainbow Six Vegas E3 2006 trailer (WMV, 2.66MB) - right-click to download

Friday 12 May 2006
Ubisoft has lavished us with a load of new screens and a trailer of its next-gen squad based shooter Rainbow Six Vegas, which will be released for the Xbox 360 and PS3 later this year. You can see the - rather brief - movie by clicking the above link.

Rainbow Six Vegas is a stunning looking game that introduces a new bunch of covert-op heroes fighting for the security of the free world among the bright lights and casinos of Las Vegas. But it's not just the graphics that have made Rainbow Six more realistic. Your AI team-mates will make real-time tactical suggestions during missions and mission briefings will often take place smack-bang in the middle of the action.

New animations of assault techniques have been motion captured - such as blind-cover fire, rappelling and window entry - and there will be new equipment to use, such as snake cams that enable targets to be identified prior to entering a room.

Rainbow Six Vegas will only be released for PS3 and Xbox 360 - Ubisoft has announced that it has no plans on making versions for the PS2 and Xbox.