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Rachel Weisz Bond 23s villain?

After yesterday’s Angelina Jolie/Maleficent rumours, today we’re hearing whispers of another actress looking to go bad – seriously bad – in another big franchise.

Rumours abound that Rachel Weisz is being lined up to play the villain in Bond 23 .

Cinema Blend are the instigators of said rumour, reporting that the 007 filmmakers want her to play the head of shadowy evil organisation Quantum.

Blend ’s argument for Weisz comes mostly from the fact that she is friends with Daniel Craig. It’s an argument that, while shaking at best, does at least acknowledge how a lot of Hollywood deals are brokered.

Peter Morgan is reportedly still working on the script for Bond 23 despite MGM’s monetary woes. Which means that there is probably a female role kicking around looking to be cast.

And if the studio can bag Weisz, that would no doubt bolster interest – read: money – in the project.

Would Weisz make a good Bond villain? Just imagine her in a designer suit and killer heels, with some suitably severe glasses, and we think we’re on to a winner...

Weisz for villain?