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PS5 game listings could hint at what's to come in the Future of Gaming event

(Image credit: Sony PlayStation)

Eight dummy PS5 game listings spotted on Amazon UK could give us an early hint at what's coming in the PS5 Future of Gaming event.

The listings were spotted on Reddit and by Twitter games tipster Nibel - the latter even managed to grab screenshots of all eight, though most of them have been taken offline by now. Each dummy listing is composed of a title that references the game's publisher and a price of either £59.99 or £69.99. Assuming these placeholder listings were legitimate and were made visible by mistake, rather than being created by pranksters, they give us some insight into upcoming PS5 games that could be announced soon.

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Here are the eight games mentioned in the dummy listings. Each is designated as "2020" then ASIN (which stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number) then the name of the publisher, then another number, and finally PS5.

  • 2K game
  • Another 2K game
  • Bethesda game
  • Koch game
  • Another Koch game
  • Konami game
  • Namco Bandai game
  • Rockstar game

Given the two facts that they're showing up the day before the PS5 games event and each of those listings has 2020 in its dummy title, we may be looking at our earliest indication of the PS5 launch lineup. Or it could be nothing, since Amazon has had fake listings in the past - like those Amazon France fakes. In any case, we won't have to wait very long to find out.

The gameplay director of God of War has confirmed that Sony Santa Monica will be involved with the PS5 Future of Gaming showcase. 

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