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PS3 launch: Why we're hot for PS3

There aresome fantastic exclusives on the horizon
Don't scoff - Sony might have lost exclusivity on GTA, but it's far from lost when it comes to homegrown or PS3-only gaming. LittleBigPlanet's cheerfully bright co-op puzzling caught everyone's eye at the Game Developer's Conference two weeks ago, but it's just one of a healthy number of PlayStation-specific games heading our way this year.

Killzone, Heavenly Sword and SingStar are all obvious exclusives, but don't forget Metal Gear Solid 4's reinvention of stealth gaming, Afrika's bliss-promising photo safari or Ratchet %26amp; Clank: Tools of Destruction, the next-gen adventure for one of PS2's greatest duos.

We're prepping a whole feature, set to hit your eyes tomorrow,to take you through the most exciting of PS3's incoming exclusives, and each one is a pearler. The future's bright on PlayStation, don't you worry about that.