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Project Cars 3 devs on the impact next-gen could have on racing games

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Although Project Cars 3 is only confirmed for launch on Xbox One, PS4 and PC later this year at this point, that hasn't stopped developer Slightly Mad Studios from being excited about the potential of PS5 and Xbox Series X

In an interview with GamesRadar, Joe Barron, Marketing & Esports Manager on Project Cars 3 said he believes the performance optimisations coming with the next-gen consoles will "have a big impact" on the racing space. 

"I think for us in the racing space, the optimisation as far as everything that’s been talked about with hard drive speeds and loading speeds and things, is going to have a big impact on that sort of performance level, across all of racing," explains Barron. 

"We’re obviously targeting 60 frames on the platforms that we’re releasing Project Cars 3 on.

We’re going to be able to keep updating our levels of detail, and we think that that’s going to come closer all the time, which is really cool. But that target is not just one that we’re chasing, but now it’s one that those parties are chasing as well, and they’re bringing it closer to the targets of developers, which will be really helpful."

For now, though, Slightly Mad Studios is focusing on bringing Project Cars 3 to current-gen consoles and PC, with that 60fps framerate target. 

"We want to get this game into as many hands as possible and there’s a massive installed base on PS4 and on Xbox One and on PC," said Pete Morrish, Production Director on Project Cars 3 in the same interview. "We’re addressing that market."

There's no firm release date for the game yet, but when it does arrive you can expect an exciting new career mode, new tracks, a fresh asynchronous multiplayer mode called Rivals, and increasingly gorgeous visuals. 

Until then, why not enjoy some of the best racing games available right now.

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