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Poll: Do you want a Nintendo 3DS?

Are you keen to buy the Nintendo 3DS when it comes out? Nintendo's new handheld will feature 3D graphics 'without the need for glasses' (how many times will we use that phrase?) and hopefully Gamecube-quality graphics when it releases. It's due outsome time before April next year - with some suggesting it could be out as early as October.

The reason we ask, is that Japanese consumers arereportedlyunexcited about the new handheld. A recent survey found only 8.8% of those questioned to be keen to buy the console. That's quite low.

Above: Obviously I'm entirely undecided about the prospect of a new DS

So, seeing as the previous poll only covered Japanese gamers, we thought we'd conduct our own survey. Simply tell us if you're keen to buy the new hardware in the poll below. If you feel like explaining in more detail, feel free to do so in the comments.

23 Apr, 2010

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