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Pokemon Monday - a Feebas for all!

Episode 2 highlights

Black and White cover legendaries revealed- The announcement of Zekromand Reshiram took us totally bysurprise.We discuss ina flurry of excitement.Which are you going to choose?

Milotic, so tender and graceful, yet so infuriating to obtain- Finding a Feebas is hard enough as it is, so why does maxing beauty before sheen have to be such a pain too?

Our Pokemon histories - We recount what got us into Pokemon originally and how super serious (but not that serious) we all are about it.

Congratulations, norwegiankingofnames! - You won Tyler's shiny Eevee for getting to the heart of the tragedy that is Farfetch'd.Expect aPM so we can set up a time to trade.

Question of the week: What isyour most frustrating experience while playing a Pokemon game? Did you step in the wrong grass patch while chaining for shinies? Had to soft reset for Heatran's nature20 times even though you were using Synchronize?Vent away in the comments below.

See you next week!

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