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Pokemon Black and White Pokedex - Dwebble, Crustle

#063 Unova / #557 National
Species classification:Rock InnPokemon
Sturdy – Leaves 1 HP when Pokemon would otherwise be one-hit KOed
Shell Armor – Not affected by critical hits
Dream World abilities:Weak Armor – Decreases defense and increases speed each time user is hit with a damaging attack
Location found (Black/White): Desert Resort, Route 18
Wild hold items: Hard Stone (rare)
Egg groups: Bug, Mineral
Capture rate: 190
Gender ratio: 50/50
Effort values: 1 Defense
Evolution family:Dwebble >Crustleat level 34

DwebbleandCrustle bear a strong resemblance to another duo of dual Bug-type crabs from the original 151,ParasandParasect, but they still manage to set themselves apart with a cool design and a secondary Rock-type as opposed to Grass (and luckily they avoid Dry Skin Parasect's record-breaking 5x weakness to Fire).

Both Dwebble and Crustlecan only learn physical attacks through level up and breeding, but that's not a problem because that's what they're best at. X-Scissor is always a good STAB choice, and Earthquake too, of course. Crustle's biggest asset though is the status move Shell Break, which raises Attack, Special Attack and Speed all by two stages each, and lowers Defense and Special Defense by one stage each. That extra speed boost is most welcome too, sinceits base Speed stat actually drops when it evolves.

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