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PlayStation TV reduced to 44.99

Now might be the time to start taking the PlayStation TV seriously as a viable streaming option. Officially dropping in price today from £84.99 to £44.99, the sweet little device allows you to play your Vita games on the big screen as well as beam your PS4 onto another TV in the house.

The micro console isn’t compatible with all Vita games - ones that require that rear surface or the touch screen are out - but pairs up with your Dual Shock 4 to allow you access to your collection of PSP and PS One classics if you just can’t get enough Patapon or Crash Bandicoot on your handheld.

It’s a dramatic cut in price for the palm-sized console which was initially launched in Japan as Vita TV. It comes with 1GB of onboard storage and although it has a slot for physical Vita games, it also takes official PS Vita memory cards so the new price is far more attractive if you have to buy a card too.

Most exciting, and possibly laziest, of all, the PlayStation TV allows you to stream your PS4 to another room in the house. Yes, you can pay £44.99 to not lift your console up a flight of stairs. Pair that up with the recent PS4 update earlier in the week that allows suspend/resume and this means that you can suspend Bloodborne on your PS4 in the living room and continue the action from the TV in another room. Given the fact that it still comes with three games in the shape of Velocity Ultra, Worms Revolution Extreme and Olli Olli, this is definitely far more tempting with this sizeable price drop.

Louise Blain

Louise can often be found watching horror, drinking coffee and beating you at The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth.