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Play Rock Band 2 at Eastercon

This could be your chance to play Rock Band 2 on PS3 before its EU release. And your chance to be musically victorious over the best and brightest of the SF community! Yes, Forbidden Planet, with the help of Sony and Harmonix Music, will be presenting David Devereux ’s Rock Band: Battle Of The Bands at EasterCon on Sunday 12 April.

You'll be attending the traditional Easter convention, right? This year it's called Eastercon LX, and it will be the 60th British National Science Fiction Convention , celebrating science fiction, fantasy and horror in literature, film, comics and other media. It'll be taking place in Bradford and if past experience is anything to go by, the bar will be the best place to meet your favourite authors. Guests of honour this year include Tim Powers and Jon Courtenay Grimwood.

If you want to put a team together, join one on the day, or play by yourself, you may win a prize if you perform well; the Rock Band 2 competition will come with a huge range of fantastic prizes, plus loads of freebies and giveaways. Every participant will get a Forbidden Planet flash-code, redeemable for 10% off against any purchase from their website .

Thanks to Harmonix Music, the event will be supplying the full four-player Rock Band set-up for PS3 (vocals, guitar, bas guitar, drums) plus classic AC/DC track pack – all rockers will need to bring is themselves, their mates and their beer. Thanks to Sony, the Sunday night event will even have a full audio/visual rebroadcast set-up in the Rowan Room (screens that everyone can see)!

You can sign up at Eastercon registration, or go and find Forbidden Planet’s Danacea who'll be at the event. The rock-off will take place in the Rowan Room at 10:00pm Sunday night. Further details of how to participate will come in the EasterCon Read Me pack.