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PlanetSide 2: Detailed new clip devotes 3 minutes to one sniper scope

Sony's going all-out to impress upon you just how much work's going into upcoming free-play MMOFPS PlanetSide 2. A previous PlanetSide 2 timelapse clip shows the birth of one of the game's new large-scale weapons – but as you can see from this developer walkthrough (via Joystiq), the same attention to detail's being paid to smaller elements like the game's sniper scopes. Well, that is what many players will spend much of their time looking at, after all.

When you consider how many bits and pieces have to be modeled with this level of attention to detail, it's no wonder PlanetSide 2 is still a ways off from release. While we leave the good people of SOE to get back to their obsessive virtual ordinance-crafting, have a look at some more GDC-fresh PlanetSide 2: 12 minutes of pure gameplay to give you look at what all that detail's going toward. (Destruction and face-shooting, mainly.)