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PICS: Super Street Fighter IV premium swimsuit theme

But it's true, June 15 will see this delightful menagerie of bathing beauties strip off and lay about on your 360's dashboardfor a mere 240 MS points. Wanna see some pics? Thought so...

Above: How your friends list will look. Makes a change from Afterburner...

Above: These two are large background images. Which is your fave?

We dofeel thatsubmissive pose is a bit out of character for Chun Li. Or maybe we're analysing it too much. Might have to go and lie down for a bit, to be honest.

You can check out Capcom Japan's official sitehereto see the rest of the (less sexy) themes that are coming, but we're sure you'll agree this Number 7 is the best. Will you be buying it? Let us know in the comments.

04 Jun, 2010

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