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Perfect Dark Cheats

Perfect Dark is a conspicuously aged game; many years older it seems, than Halo, and somehow even older than the less ambitious but more solid GoldenEye from four years earlier. But if you were there at the time, if you queued with us at Bristol’s Game on that uncommonly sunny day and claimed your pre-order, if you remember that summer’s multi-player bloodbaths at a framerate you never realised was bad, if you can hum the Carrington Institute’s pause music without even thinking - you simply have to get hold of this revival of Perfect Dark, no matter how sadly imperfect it is today.

Perfect Dark FAQs

  • FAQ

    Submitted by Brett "Nemesis" Franklin

Perfect Dark Unlockables

  • N64 | Submitted by Mike Corbeau

    Unlocking Levels

    Unlock The Complex By Completing 1 Challenge.
    Unlock The Warehouse By Completing 3 Challenges.
    Unlock The Ravine By Completing 5 Challenges.
    Unlock The Temple by Completing 6 Challenges.
    Unlock The G5 Bulding By Completing 9 Challenges.
    unlock The grid By Completing 11 Challenges.
    Unlock The Felicity By Completing 12 Challenges.
    Unlock The Villa By Completing 14 Challenges.
    Unlock The Sewers By Completing 16 Challenges.
    Unlock The Car Park By Completing 17 Challenges.
    unlock The Base By Completing 18 Challenges.
    Unlock The Fortress By Completing 20 Challenges.
    Unlock The Ruins By Completing 22 Challenges.

  • N64 | Submitted by Chris Neverman

    More multiplayer levels

    When you start the game go into combat simulators. When you are in the combat simulator menu choose CHALLENGES if you open all of them you will have all the multiplayer levels

  • N64 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Various Cheats/Modes

    Finish the following levels with the difficulty/time indicated to get the cheat/mode below
    To Get: Cheat/Mode Finish This Level Using less than this time With Difficulty
    Invincibility Area 51: Escape 3:50 Agent
    Infinite Ammo Pelagic LL Exploration 7:07 Special Agent
    All Guns in Solo Mode Skedar Ruins: Battle Shrine 5:31 Perfect Agent
    Unlimited Laptop Gun Ammo Air Force One Anti Terrorism 3:55 Perfect Agent
    X-Ray Scanner Area 51: Rescue NA Agent, Special Agent & Perfect Agent
    Unlimited Ammo & no reloads Air Base: Espionage 3:11 Special Agent
    R-Tracker Skedar Ruins: Battle Shrine NA Agent, Special Agent, Perfect Agent
    Hurricane Fists Datadyne Central: Extraction 2:03 Agent
    Cloak/Invisible G5 Building: Reconnaissance 1:30 Agent
    DK Mode Chicago: Stealth NA Agent, Special Agent, Perfect Agent
    Be Elvis Area 51: Rescue 7:59 Perfect Agent
    Team Heads Only Air Base: Espionage NA Agent, Special Agent, Perfect Agent
    Jo Shield Deep Sea: Nullify Threat NA Agent, Special Agent, Perfect Agent
    Small People Area 51: Infiltration NA Agent, Special Agent, Perfect Agent
    Tiny Jo G5 Building: Reconnaisance NA Agent, Special Agent, Perfect Agent
    Slow Motion (Single Player) Datadyne Research: Investigation NA Agent, Special Agent, Perfect Agent
    Super Shield Carrington Institute: Defense 1:45 Agent, Special Agent, Perfect Agent
    Classic Sight Datadyne Central: Defection NA Agent, Special Agent, Perfect Agent
    Perfect Darkness Crash Site: Confrontation NA Agent, Special Agent, Perfect Agent
    Enemy Rockets Pelagic LL: Exploration NA Agent, Special Agent, Perfect Agent
    Enemy Shields Carrington Institute: Defnese NA Agent, Special Agent, Perfect Agent
    Marquis of Queensbury Rules Datadyne Central: Defection 1:30 Special Agent
    (Jo Single Player) Rocket Launcher Datadyne Central: Extraction NA Agent, Special Agent, Perfect Agent
    (Jo Single Player) Superdragon Area 51: Escape Agent, Special Agent, Perfect Agent
    (Jo Single Player) Sniper Rifle Carrington Villa: hostage One Agent, Special Agent, Perfect Agent
    (Jo Single Player) Laptop Gun Air Force One: Anti Terrorism Agent, Special Agent, Perfect Agent
    (Jo Single Player) Phoenix Attack Ship: Covert Assault Agent, Special Agent, Perfect Agent
    (Jo Single Player) Psycosis Gun Chicago: Stealth 2:00 Perfect Agent
    (Jo Single Player) Trent's Magnum Crash Site: Confrontation 2:50 Agent
    (Jo Single Player) Farsight Deep Sea: nullify Threat 7:27 Perfect Agent
    (Jo Single Player) Classic Weapons Get all Golds on Firing Range NA NA
    (Buddies) Hit and Run Carrington Villa: Hostage 2:30 Special Agent
    (Buddies) Alien Attack Ship: Covert Assault 5:17 Special Agent
    (Buddies) Hot Shot Area 51: Infiltration 5:00 Special Agent
    (Buddies) Velvet Dark Always around Datadyne Research: Investigation 6:30 NA
    (Buddies) Pugilist Datadyne Research: Investigation 6:30 Perfect Dark Difficulty
    Get Mr Blonde's Revenge Mission All Solo Missions NA Agent, Special Agent, Perfect Agent
    Get War! Mission All Solo Missions NA Perfect Dark
    Get Duel Mission Finish all solo missions with a bronze or better for all weapons on firing range NA NA
    Get Maian SOS Mission Finish all solo missions with Special Agent or Perfect agent Difficulty NA Special Agent OR Perfect Agent
    Get Classic Weapons Get Gold medals on all training stages to unlock the weapons from Goldeneye!
    NA NA
    Get Clisto On "Attack Ship:Covert Assult" kill or dissarm one of the Maians to get the Calisto
    NA NA

  • N64 | Submitted by Alex Hope

    Classic Weapons

    Love the classic weapons from Goldeneye 007? In the Carrington Institute, you'll notice that on the walls of the Firing Range are classic weapons from Goldeneye. To unlock them, earn gold medals on the firing range. As new weapons come available, earn golds with them too. Some of these guns are: a pp7, RC-P 90, and D5K Deustche. You can use them in the 1-p game as cheats.
    Perfect Dark Name Goldeneye Name
    PP9i PP7
    CC13 DD44 Dostovei
    KLO1313 Klobb
    KF7 Special KF7 Soviet
    ZZT (9mm) Zmg 9mm
    DMC D5k Deutsche
    AR53 Ar33
    RCP-45 RCP-90

  • N64 | Submitted by KJH5786

    Unlocking Stuff in Combat Simulator

    Unlocking preset games:
    Unlock Hold the Briefcase by completing 2 Challenges.
    Unlock Pistol One-Hit Kills by completing 3 Challenges.
    Unlock Capture the Case by completing 4 Challenges.
    Unlock Tranquilizer by completing 7 Challenges.
    Unlock Slow Motion by completing 8 Challenges.
    Unlock Temple Explosives by completing 11 Challenges.
    Unlock Slayer by completing 13 Challenges.
    Unlock Cloaking by completing 16 Challenges.
    Unlocking scenarios:
    Unlock Hold the Briefcase by completing 2 Challenges.
    Unlock Capture the Case by completing 4 Challenges.
    Unlocking Arenas:
    Unlock Complex by completing 1 challenge.
    Unlock Warehouse by completing 3 challenges.
    Unlock Ravine by completing 5 challenges.
    Unlock Temple by completing 6 challenges.
    Unlock G5 Building by completing 9 challenges.
    Unlock Grid by completing 11 challenges.
    Unlock Felicity by completing 12 challenges.
    Unlock Villa by completing 14 challenges.
    Unlock Sewers by completing 16 challenges.
    Unlock Car Park by completing 17 challenges.
    Unlock Base by completing 18 challenges.
    Unlock Fortress by completing 20 challenges.
    Unlock Ruins by completing 22 challenges.
    Unlocking Weapons:
    Unlock Farsight XR-20 by completing 1 challenge.
    Unlock Grenade by completing 1 challenge.
    Unlock Shotgun by completing 2 challenges.
    Unlock Falcon 2 (silencer) by completing 3 challenges.
    Unlock SuperDragon by completing 4 challenges.
    Unlock Laptop Gun by completing 5 challenges.
    Unlock Remote Mine by completing 6 challenges.
    Unlock Tranquilizer by completing 7 challenges.
    Unlock Falcon 2 (scope) by completing 8 challenges.
    Unlock Reaper by completing 9 challenges.
    Unlock Cloaking Device by completing 10 challenges.
    Unlock Devastator by completing 11 challenges.
    Unlock Proximity Mine by completing 12 challenges.
    Unlock Slayer by completing 13 challenges.
    Unlock Phoenix by completing 14 challenges.
    Unlock Combat Boost by completing 15 challenges.
    Unlock Mauler by completing 16 challenges.
    Unlock Callisto NTG by completing 17 challenges.
    Unlock Crossbow by completing 18 challenges.
    Unlock RC-P120 by completing 19 challenges.
    Unlock DY357-LX by completing 20 challenges.
    Unlock N-Bomb by completing 21 challenges.
    Unlock Laser by completing 22 challenges.
    Unlock X-Ray Scanner by completing 23 challenges.

Perfect Dark Hints

  • N64 | Submitted by Mauricio Gago

    Allied Simulants on Solo Missions

    On the select missions menu put L R+Cup R R+Cdown and start on the mission you want. NOTE:it won`t work if you put A. When you put start a menu will appear.There you can select the number of simulants and the difficulty.

  • N64 | Submitted by Gary Spacht

    G5 Building cheat (cloaking device)

    Ever have trouble on geting the cheat in under 1:40? Here is a quicker way. when you first start, run over to the guy you shot in the demo and run to the left corner. A guy should appear on the left by the window. Shoot him (this sometimes takes a few tries. Restart if he doesn't appear). The other guy appears on the right next to the dumpster. Go to the next room and pull out the CMP150. Start shooting and run around and kill EVERYONE really quick. After that go in the door (with the key card). Kill the guy and go in the next door and kill all of the guards before any of them trigger the alarm. Go up the stairs and kneel all the way down so you can walk on the wires (be careful not to fall off). When you get to the hole where you put the camspy(put it in a little bit). Now You can fall off. Run really fast to the safe and put the decoder on and QUICKLY select camspy. Move camspy in hole and notice that the alarm comes on and Cassandra and Mr. Blonde act like they are!
    deaf. Also notice that the mission time goes off (if you have SHOW MISSION TIME on), and the door decoder time is shown. When the decoder time stops, whatch the rest of the demo and wait for Mr. Blonde to talk again, go off the meeting and go inside the safe and get the backup disk and leave out of the hole that Daniel bombs for you :)

  • N64 | Submitted by Ben Thomas

    "Pin Cushion"

    Ok, so i`m sure you all know about the floating block in the hanger right? Well get that and take it to the shooting gallery, put it in the doorway so that the door cannot shut properly. Go to the terminal and select the crossbow on any setting. (bronze gives you lots of time!) Go to the door and shoot your arrows at the man outside, he will not die but he will have loads of arrows sticking out of his body!!! This also works with combat knives, throwing them at him!!

  • N64 | Submitted by TJ

    Fly a Rocket in Carrington Institute

    The next time you're roaming around in Carrington Institute, go to the basement and grab the Hovercrate. Bring it up to the firing range and prop it up against the glass door leading to the target area when it's open. This should keep the door from closing. Now here's where you have to be quick: Go to the door that leads back out to the main lobby and make sure it's open. Then run back through the glass door being held open by the crate and press start when you're inside to bring up the list of weapons. Choose the Slayer and select a difficulty with a long time limit.(Bronze is best.) As soon as you begin, shoot a fly-by-wire rocket through the open glass door. If you did all of that quickly enough, the door to the lobby will still be open and you will be able to fly your rocket outside. Now you can fly it around the whole institute!
    (NOTE: If you fly your rocket to the outdoor helipad with the Hoverbike, you'll notice a balcony above the large metal door. Fly up there to discover a couple of secret doors that you couldn't reach before, as well as a piece of swiss cheese! Yummy...)

  • N64 | Submitted by Joe

    Perfect Multiplayer Character

    To be a hard to kill character first choose the body of a maian(or any alien) and then choose a human head. Now, not only are you small, but you have a hard to hit head also!

  • N64 | Submitted by Boko

    Special Items

    To get a jetbike on the Crash Site level, lower the jetbike in the cargo bay on Air Force 1.
    To get a Phoenix on the Area 51: Rescue mission, make sure you don't kill the technician guy right next to the 3rd interceptor, just knock him out with your fists on the previous level.
    On the rescue mission, when in the first room, use the first elevator and turn to your right. Shoot the guy in front of the locked door, and he should drop a keycard. Go through the previously locked door and into the hangar. There will be a table on the floor with a Phoenix on it.
    I found these out on Agent, and I think they'll work on other difficulties as well.

  • N64 | Submitted by Joe

    Easy Medals In Shooting Range

    To get medals easily on almost all shooting range guns you just need a little help from the laptop gun. select the laptop gun go to its second feature, press Z but before it launches immediately press start and quit it. before it launches on the wall immediately press start again and select which ever gun you want to earn a medal on, right before it starts your laptop gun will deploy and shoot at the targets for the second gun you selected usually giving you an easy medal! use this to earn the classic weapons codes easier.

  • N64 | Submitted by Unlimited Ammo No reloads: Perfect Dark

    Unlimited Ammo, No Reloads

    This is is not as hard as it sounds. first you "don't use ur cam spy to shoot the guards.
    1.take out your Crossbow and shoot the first 3 real quick. then get your "DRAGON" out and shoot the other two in the corridor. get the disguise. go in the building. the elevator should be open. if not start over. don't sedate the guards here just punch them ..get briefcase...get back to elevator. go into other room...if the door says it's locked. punch the lady....put the briefcase where it needs to be. RUN!! to the "BIG" elevator where the other guard in black is at. he will say "Secure the perimeters"....punch him! now press "B" by the elevator run to the computer up the stair ....disarm the guard in "B" by the computer then RUN! to the "BIG" be opening. if not start over....go in and at the bottom ...kill the first guard ...then shoot the laser activator. go through the laser system FAST. that's it...KEEP practicing and in time u will get it.

  • N64 | Submitted by TJ

    Extra Weapons on Air Force One

    1) On Air Force One: Antiterrorism, play through the mission as usual until you come to any guard dressed in grey.(These are Air Force One guards.) Go up to him and punch him with your weapon set to "disarm" and you can take his Cyclone without doing any harm.
    2) Continue through the mission until you come to the confrontation with Trent and his guards in white. Once you kill the two guards, Trent will start running away. Before he can escape, run up to him and disarm him like you did the grey guard(s). Now you can use a magnum for the rest of the mission! (HINT: Using a combat boost here makes killing the guards and catching Trent much easier.)

  • N64 | Submitted by TJ

    Fun with Enemies

    Go to any mission on any difficulty. When you come to an enemy, shoot his gun first to make him fumble it onto the ground. (Some guards will shoot at you without their gun in their hands. Pretty thick headed, eh?) If you're quick enough, grab his gun before he can pick it up again. He will probably do one of two things:
    A) He'll put his hands up and beg for mercy (Fun to watch if you're into making someone your slave)
    B) He'll take out a "back-up" gun to try and kill you. If you kill him first, you can grab it. This gun is usually something rare in that mission and great for emergencies, in case you run out of ammo or something.
    (NOTE: B may occur less often than A)

  • N64 | Submitted by Fuller

    Bomb Spy in Chicago

    On the Chicago: Stealth mission when you get out on to the street from where you started go right into the alley. There will be 3 barrels stacked and a trash can next to the wall. If you blow up the trash can there will bea a case. If you pick it up you will have the bomb spy. When you use it if you press Z it will explode!! Good way to kill a group of people.

  • N64 | Submitted by Ryan

    Easy Invincibility

    If you want the Invincibility cheat, you must beat Area51: Escape in under 3 minutes and 50 seconds. Play it as fast as you can until you get to the part where you, Elvis, and Jonathon are talking right by the UFO. When you say, "But we can't leave you behind!", run up to the consuls and wait there. The consuls aren't active yet, so don't try turning them on yet. When you music changes, then turn both of them on. The level will instantly be beaten.

  • N64 | Submitted by John "Agent 000"

    Alternate Ending In Area 51: Escape

    This only works in Solo Missions. Before you attempt this, you should make sure you have a SuperDragon handy with heaps of ammo.
    First, revive Elvis make your way to the UFO. When Johnathan says he'll open the hanger doors, run to the consoles. He should say that he will go with Elvis. Turn the consoles on. Instead of going to a cut-scene, the UFO should leave without Joanna.
    Now rip out the SuperDragon and dispose of the guards surrounding the hoverbike. Now, get on the hoverbike and escape via the way you came in on Area 51: Infiltration, shooting all enemies with your SuperDargon. Once you get outside, a cut-scene will start of Joanna watching the UFO fly by...

  • N64 | Submitted by Shawn Pierre

    Double Phionex on last stage

    I figured this out by just fooling around. This cheat will help you defeat the boss. First destroy the frist three pillars with the target amperflier. Then destroy the other two with the Devastor.(Note: The Devastor won't destroy the really big pillar. The on next to the big pillar on it's side. If your not supposed to destroy in with an amperflier restart untill you can)Then go to the cliff. Don't go down. There should be a double Phionex. You should use it for the boss.

  • N64 | Submitted by Barret

    Beat challenges easily

    To beat challenges easy you must have 2 controllers and at least 1 slot to customize your own battle. Ok, first, use the first controller and go to advanced setup and create your scenerio however you like(don't forget to change simulant difficulty to meat!). next, save this setting to a controller pak or to the game. Now go to load settings BUT DONT LOAD IT YET! Using the 2nd controller, press start and go over to the select challenge screen. select the challenge your having trouble with and keep pressing start until it says ready and waiting. Now use the first controller and load the settings you made earlier. start the challenge and have fun!!!!!!

  • N64 | Submitted by Jack S. L.

    Easy Way To Get The Phoenix

    message: On Pelagic LL Exploration, unarm or kill Elvis, it'll say Elvis has been killed. But that's ok, because it won't hurt your record. Pick up his gun, then abort mission. Go to the Firing Range or combat simulator. Go to select weapon and you'll see it in the list.

  • N64 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Weapon Locations

    1.1 dataDyne: Defection (Perfect Agent)
    Laptop Gun:The hacker will open a locked door by the elevators.
    Dual Falcon: Dropped by the helmeted guard three floors down from the roof.
    1.2 dataDyne Research Investigation:
    Double CMP150: Make it to the weapons cache near downstairs maintenance bots without being seen.
    Proximity Mine: On perimeter of isotope room.
    1.3 dataDyne Central Extraction:
    DY357 Magnum: Take down the first five guards without being seen.
    Grenade & Dragon: make it to the elevator without being detected. Kill the first guard after taking the elevator up. Use the Key Card he drops to access Cassandra's office. Make a hole in the right corner of the room to find the Dragon.
    2 Carrington Villa:
    Devastator: Destroy crates on helipad near the villa.
    Double CMP150: Kill the first sniper in under 38 seconds.
    Perfect Agent: Sniper Rifle: In bathroom next to bedroom.
    3.1 Chicago Stealth
    BombSpy: Use barrels to explode dumpster near G5 building.
    Double Falcon 2 (Scope): In Pond Punk bar.
    3.2 G5 Building Reconnaissance
    Crossbow: Disarm cloaked guard in first room.
    Special and Perfect only: N-Bomb If you blew up the top fire escape in 3.1, it will be near the exit upstairs.
    4.1 Area 51 Infiltration
    Double MagSec 4: Kill red guard near comms rider. He'll drop the other MagSec 4.
    4.2 Area 51 Rescue
    Phoenix: In secret room above hangar.
    Double Falcon 2 (Silencer): Explosive barrel lodged in a stack of crates to the right of first hall.
    4.3 Area 51 Escape
    Remote Mines: Get Elvis to safety in under 36 seconds.
    Double Falcon 2 (Scope): Behind you in the glass lab at start.
    5.1 Air Base Espionage
    Double DY357 Magnum: Punch out the NSA agent near the elevator to the AF1 hangar.
    Proximity Mines: Near beginning of level, past the tunnel on a snowy ledge.
    5.2 Air Force One Anti-Terrorism
    Double Cyclone: Punch the two Secret Service agents in the room straight ahead after the start. Their Key Cards each open a closet containing a Cyclone.
    5.3 Crash Site Confrontation
    Proximity Mine: Visit Elvis at his UFO.
    Double DY357 -LX: Disarm Trent as he runs by you after rescuing the President.
    6.1 Pelagic II Exploration
    Double Falcon 2 (Silencer): Do not trigger an alarm. Make it to the guard four doors from the start. Kill him and he'll drop the Double Falcon.
    6.2 Deep Sea Nullify Threat
    Proximity Mines: Just past the tunnel after the large cavern (near beginning), kill the guard to the left. He'll cough up the mines.
    7 Carrington Institute Defense
    Devastator: Save a single hostage in the information center.
    8 Attack Ship Covert Assault
    Double Mauler: Kill the Skedar in the center of the bridge.
    9 Skedar Ruins Battle Shrine
    Double Phoenix: Destroy two unmarked temple targets with the Devastator. The Phoenix will appear on the ledge before the canyon.
    10 Mr. Blonde's Revenge
    Double CMP150: Kill Cassandra's bodyguards near the lab elevator.
    11 Maian SOS
    Double DY357 -LX: Kill guard in left containment room.
    11 Maian SOS
    Psychosis Gun: On lab table at start.

  • N64 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Dark Sim

    After completing all of the 30 challenges in the Combat Simulator, you will receive a new bot in gameplay named "Dark Sim". This bot is one difficulty harder than the "Perfect Sim".

  • N64 | Submitted by Toothless Ed

    Opening Doors with CamSpy

    This works well in the G5 building on Perfect Agent mode. Stan in front of the door leading to the hallway with the three guards just outside the laser grid room. Send your CamSpy on the normal route to capture the exchange between Cassandra de Vries and the man in the white trench coat. Instead of capturing them with the CamSpy, manuever it into the hallway before the room with the three guards. Make all three of them gather at the end of the hall, farthest from the alarm. Then go through the door with the CamSpy leading to you. This will save triggering the alarm to get through the door and save you ammunition that you would have used on the never-ending hordes after triggering the alarm.

  • N64 | Submitted by KJH5786

    Easy Medals in Combat Simulator

    In order to do this, you need to insert two controllers. You also need to create a character for yourself in the Combat Simulator. Once this is done, press start for player 2 and load your character. Now, go to any arena but use pistol guns only. When you are in the level, go and find play two, aim for the head with any gun and fire once, and then twice and player 2 should be dead. Now, press start on player's 2 controller when it says to. Now hit start on your controller and end game. You should have all 4 medals and when you get more medals, your type of character should increase around Trooper and then Agent and up. Do this every time and you should have 100 medals!!!

  • N64 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Find Cheats

    This isn't a real cheat but only a means in which to find the ones you are missing.
    go to the cheat main menu, highlight a cheat you are missing. on the bottom right corner a text will scroll revealing how to unlock it.

  • N64 | Submitted by MattCow

    Carington Institute fun

    Go to the Carrington Institute and get the crate from the hanger and bring it to the shooting range. Place the crate between the door opening to stop it from closing. This way you can through knives at the two guys there. Try out other weapons too

  • N64 | Submitted by The Best

    Easy Kills

    When you get a gun called the Dragon and you are playing a normal game do this: When you get the dragon try to find a place where most people pass by. Set the dragon to Proximity Mine watch as people burn to death and Wa-La!
    A easy kill
    Player points:1

  • N64 | Submitted by Ron G.

    Shoot outside shooting gallery

    First you must go to the basement and find the floating crate push B to grab it. Take it in front of the shooting gallery door. Push B to let go of it and open the door grab it again. Take it through the glass door where you shoot. Turn around while holding onto it and let go of it while the door is open the door shouldn't be able open now. Then go to the computer and push B and pick any gun. You shold now be able to shoot anybody or anything outside the shooting gallery. Using rockets and grenades you can make all of the lights go out. If you shoot the guns in the displays they will disappear. You can shoot outside of the door but if you go past it your gun disappears.

  • N64 | Submitted by The Licid

    Kamikaze Sims!

    This works with players and sims. Go to advanced setup. Before you play, make sure you have remote mines as a weapon. Strap a remote mine to a sim and have him attack a player or another sim. If he dies, blow up the remote and kill the other sim too. Or, you can blow it up when he gets close to its target. Its a very fun tactic when playing in a multiplayer game.

  • N64 | Submitted by Shadow Gun

    Reusable Sentry Gun

    The "B" button is the most usefull button in the game! Here's another use for it. When you deploy the Laptop Gun, the sentry Gun only gets 50 shots. This throws away all ammo for guns like the all-mighty RC-P90 (RC-P45). However, when the Sentry Gun has delt its damage, stand faceing the gun and press our helpful "B" button to retrieve the gun!

  • N64 | Submitted by Joker

    Secret Ammo Crate

    In the first level of the game, make your way down the stairs. Make sure you go to the bottom flight. Then, crouch down and go underneith the last flight and you will see a very small ammo crate.

  • N64 | Submitted by perfect player

    2 Falcon 2's on Area51:Escape

    This trick you need to do very fast because if you don't, you'll die from the gas.
    First start the level as always, but as soon as the level starts, press B to let go of Elvis. Then turn around and run up the slope, open the door to the scientists room where you last took Elvis out of the operating room. Walk aroun the scientists bodies and it will say" Picked up Falcon2", hit A to pull it out. Then run take the body out of the room and have a better advantage over the enemies.

  • N64 | Submitted by VideoGamer

    Get on Hoverbike

    I know a lot of people know how to do this (it isn't a code) but I have seen a lot of people ask how to get on the hoverbike. Instead of hitting "b" one time hit "b" two times in a row.

  • N64 | Submitted by Kevin Kunish

    Blow up institute computers

    Go to the firing range and select Farsight, turn it into rail gun affect, aim and look through the wall. You will see chairs and computers, when you shoot the computers they blow up and when you leave the room and go to the room where you blew up the computer it will still be blown up. This also works to shoot out the guns hanging up on the firing range walls.

  • N64 | Submitted by MattCow

    Where to Destroy fling cars

    In any of the levels in the DataDyne Building go to the floors where you can look out and see cars fling. Shoot the glass and gaze out over the night sky. Shoot any of the cars with the CMP150 and they will blow up
    PS: Great way to kill people in the room next to you

  • N64 | Submitted by Rexx Phenoix

    Shortcut in Mission One

    This trick helps you in no way during the solo missions, but it's still pretty cool. First you have to unlock the grenade launcher and actavate it. Then, in mission one, after you get off the roof and kill the 1st guy, go through the doors. Then kill the 2nd guy. Turn the corner and blast a grenade at the pipe. Then go down the pipe. You will be in a small room. Blast away at the walla nd go through! You will be in Cassandra's office! Objective one is in the bag!
    P.S. This works really well to fool the other person in counter-operative mode.

  • N64 | Submitted by Stuart betts

    Easy Area 51

    Instead of lumbering the explosive box round with you at the start shoot it , it should say mission failed. Carry on as normal and when you get to the wall you need 2 blow up lay a DRAGON as a proximity Mine and shoot it the wall will blow up and it should say mission incomplete

  • N64 | Submitted by Papa Geno

    A51:Rescue-fast entrence

    There is a better way to blow the marked wall to enter the secret lab! First you must kill the first few guys at the first level and get a Dragon. Then go to the top floor to the wall with the "X" on it. Take out your Dragon and set it to the secondary mode. Now throw it at the wall and shoot it and it will blow up the wall! Now go in and finish the mission.

  • N64 | Submitted by Ben DABOMB

    Alternate ending

    If u want a alternate ending to Are 51-resuce follow this these steps...
    1.Play the level out like normal but when your friend goes to open up the hanger doors get in front of him u should say: I'll do it and some more stuff
    2.go to the computers and hit b. to access then do it to both.
    3. then get on the hover bike if u don't know how to do that hit b 2 times to get on it then go out backwards if u do it right u will see a alternate ending to that level

  • N64 | Submitted by DA HUMAN!

    Farsight XR-20 trick

    First Go To Felicity (it works the best for this trick) Get a cowardsim at normal level, wait For it to stop somewhere, get a farsight and put it on rail-gun effect. Then, stand right outside of his room, hold down R, and (here comes the big cheat)use the c-up and C-down buttons to use the scope like a sniper's scope does! Another thing, you CANNOT crouch at all with the farsight!

  • N64 | Submitted by Big Andrewski

    Easy Diversion In Chicago: Stealth

    You know the BombSpy in Chicago: Stealth? Direct it to where the car park guards are. Blow it up. It says that a diverison has been created. Much easier way the reprogramming the taxi. What sucks is you still have to get the stuff in the storm drain.

Perfect Dark Glitches

  • N64 | Submitted by David foreman

    Outside Felicity

    When playing multiplayer climb into the vents and turn rignt to the area where you can stand up. Pull out a slayer (fly-by-wire rockets)and shoot up. You can now fly outside of the level and fly around some cliffs.

  • N64 | Submitted by Gaming Veteran

    Two Glitches

    Glitch Number 1:
    Go to Complex in multiplayer with any settings and find a ramp (there are 4). Go underneath the ramp and walk straight into the bottom of the ramp and you should go straight through it! This can come in handy for a quick getaway.
    Glitch Number 2:
    For this glitch you need combat knives. Pull out your combat knife/knives and put them on poison throwing knife then hold the Z button. Whilst holding the Z button change to knife slash then let go of the Z button and you will be able to slash people with the handle/s of your knife/knives.

Perfect Dark Cheats

  • N64 | Submitted by micksk8ter

    All Levels

    When you enter the menu where you choose the level you want press C-UP(2),C-DOWN(2),C-LEFT(2),C-RIGHT(2) in under 4 seconds.

  • N64 | Submitted by Dude4180

    Cheesey mode (Gameshark required)

    OK,OK.I'll tell you.Here's how you do it in 2 minutes
    Before you read this, this is kinda a spoiler. If you dont' even wanna think about this code, just hit the BACK button now.
    Ok, This little trick really works. There's a few steps to do it, but its worth it. Just follow along, its easier than you'd think.
    1. Put in gameshark, and put in any game that doesn't need a Keycode (e.g. Goldeneye, Mario Party...) And then put in the ZELDA keycode, and turn the N64 off.
    2. Before you put PD in and start up the gameshark, first find these 2 codes on the message board, or somewhere else. ALL CHALLENGES COMPLETED and ALL MISSIONS COMPLETED IN 00.01 TIME. These are the only 2 codes that really work for this, but it works great.
    3. Put in Perfect Dark with the Gameshark in, and go to Select Cheat Codes. If you already haven't, enter in those 2 cheat codes, and turn them on.
    4. This is VERY important. DO NOT use the "Must Be On" Code which is EE and all zeros. DO NOT USE THAT. it messes things up. Just press Start, and select CODE GENERATOR ON. Once more, don't use the (m) code, just have the Code Generator on.
    5. Don't be worried here. It'll still say that it can't detect the Expansion pak, but thats ok, there's more to this trick.
    6. You'll notice that all your challenges and 1 player missions are complete. Don't do anything quite yet.
    7. Go to Combat Simulator, and select Quick Game. You can verse Sims or humans, doesnt' matter.
    8. Another important part. Go to where you can create a player, make one, and save it to the GAME PAK. If it doesn't allow you to creat a player (sometimes it doesn't) Just play the Quick Game and then save your stats at the end of it. THE IMPORTANT THING is you MUST save a charachter or game stats the Game Pak.
    9. Now that you've saved a character or game stats, turn off the 64, remove the Gameshark, and put PD back in.
    10. Now turn on the 64, and Voila!!! All missions completed, all Challenges completed! So now you have all levels and characters too!
    ---------------That's what cheesey mode is---------------------------------------