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Pacino painting a picture of Dali

Their last collaboration might have been the decidedly dodgy S1m0ne, but that doesn’t seem to have cooled the relationship between Gattaca director Andrew Niccol and Al Pacino.

In fact, Al will bring his shouty/whispery chops to the screen for Dali & I: The Surreal Story, which will span the 1960s -1980s and chronicle the period when Dali, his greatest work now behind him, chose instead to turn his life into one big work of flamboyant art.

The "I" of the title will be Stan Lauryssens, a young art dealer who the great artist takes under his wing as a protégé.

Production company Room 9 nabbed the script as a spec penned by John Salvati, who based his story on Lauryssens autobiographical tome Dali & I. Niccol plans to rewrite it himself before he picks up the megaphone for a June start date.