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Pac-Man trips out in flashy new CE DX trailer

Turn down the lights, crack some glow sticks and crank up the house music! Namco’s latest trailer for its upcoming Pac-Man Championship Edition sequel is here and it's even more balls-out trippy than the screenshots have led us to believe…

Featuring a slew of new modes, phat beats, neon-soaked mazes, skins and multiplayer gameplay tweaks, Pac-Man CE DX is well on track to improving upon Namco’s well-received Pac-Man Championship Edition when its released later this fall.

Love it or hate it, it looks like Pac-Man will be celebrating his 30th birthday in epic, rave-clubbing fashion. Here’s hoping Ms. Pac-Man will be around to make sure the little guy gets homeOK.

Nov 1, 2010

[Source: Kotaku]

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