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Overwatch's Tracer gets her own Nendoroid and fans are all OH MY GOD LOOK AT HER

Nendoroid makes some really nice collectible figurines, that's a given, but its Tracer from Overwatch model might be the most a-d'aww-able yet. She's got the cute super-deformed design and interchangeable parts you'd expect, but the part that really sets her above her Nendo-cousins? Her fringe is individually articulated so it can flop down over her goggles.

 You know, like in her Heroic highlight intro! Dear Lord that's cute. And fans have definitely taken notice. 

The Nendoroid version so good that it's already inspired to make less-than-favorable comparisons to certain other collectible figures made in the image of the cheerful heroine.

I mean, they said it. I didn't say it. You can put whatever kind of officially licensed merchandise on your desk that you want.

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