Outlast Document and Note location guide

Chapter 8 – Underground Lab 

Note 25: Under The Mountain
As soon as you enter the underground lab, use your camera to film the front desk.

Document 26: The Pride Of Wisdom
In the same area, this document is behind the front desk.

Document 27: Variant Postmortem
After going through the tunnel and entering a new corridor, go into the second lab on your left and look on the table in the centre.

Note 26: Morphogenic Formula
Further down the corridor opposite a window showing trucks outside, go through the green lit door into the lab and film the writing on the whiteboard.

Note 27: Death Of The Soldier
Unlocks automatically after a cutscene.

Document 28: Gods And Monsters
After talking to the scientist in a wheelchair and escaping from the ghost through the decontamination room upstairs, enter the next room and look on the desk to your right.

Note 28: Wernicke’s Machine
After going through the tunnel to enter another lab full of machinery, film the giant sphere in front of you.

Document 29: Morphogenic Engine Chamber Precautions
n the same area, look on the computer bank underneath the giant sphere.

Note 29: Billy Hope
Right next to the document, point your camera at the guy inside the glass pod.

Note 30: Life Support
Follow the sign to the Life Support Fluid Reservoir, then film the large tanks you see when you enter.

Document 30: The Modern Prometheus
Head up the stairs in the same area and look on the desk in the control room.

Document 31: Permission To Proceed
After heading to the Sublab Generator on the other side and escaping from the Walrider through the decontamination room, go up the stairs and look on the desk to your left as you enter.

Note 31: Death Of Hope
After the cutscene with the Walrider, head back to the main room and disable the Life Pod failsafe then point your camera at the blood-filled pod.

Congratulations--you have found all of the collectibles and earned the ‘PULITZER’ gold Trophy.