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Oscar round-up

If you didn’t stay up all night to watch the biggest-award-show in town, and are waiting for the highlights package tonight, look away from your screen now, because we’re about to ruin all the best surprises.

And there were a few – Dreamgirls, despite being nominated three times in a five entry category, failed to take home Best Original Song. We would have loved to have seen a shot of Beyoncé’s furious face, but sadly the cameramen were too busy focusing on the winner, Melissa Etheridge, for some reason.

Another shocker that surprised us, and Cate Blanchett, was the Foreign Language result, which, when we tried to put a bet on Pan’s Labyrinth to win we were laughed out of the bookies. But it didn’t go to del Toro and his pals; instead the golden boy went to the little seen German film, The Lives Of Others.

Still, del Toro’s team did take home three trophies: Art Direction, Make Up and Cinematography, so it wasn’t all bad news for Pan.

But by far the biggest story was Martin Scorsese. In the most moving moment of the night, LA erupted into thunderous applause and the sound of shuffling feet as the whole of Hollywood rose to salute the master, who took home his first-ever Oscars, for Best Direction and Best Film.

It was the winner everyone wanted, and on a fairly predictable evening (Mirren, Whitaker) it was appropriate that you knew the Director Oscar was going to Marty from the moment the presenters (his mates George Lucas, Francis Ford Coppola and Steven Spielberg) walked out stage-right.

Marty still asked ‘em to double-check the envelope – and Spielberg almost did – but nothing could spoil the 79th Academy Awards for him, or indeed us.

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Happy browsing, and we’ll see you next year!