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One-Season Wonders 8

13 Episodes
Created by: Todd Holland and Bryan Fuller

Another slice of Bryan Fuller televisual whimsy, Wonderfalls can, in retrospect, be seen a themic and stylistic stepping stone between Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies. Weirder than the earlier show but more rooted in the real world than the later one, it told the stories of a slacker souvenir shop assistant, Jaye, at Niagara Falls whose life changes when toys start talking to her. Wonderfully quirky, weirdly witty and full of colourful characters, it probably failed to find an audience because it was pretty much as aimless as its heroine. The writers seemed to enjoy fleshing out Jaye’s dysfunctional family more than explaining what the Hell the talking touys were all about. Which is why we wish there had been more than one season – if only to discover more of the backstory.

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