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Official Pokemon game coming to iPhone and Android this summer

No gameplay screens have been released yet, but the official description indicates that it's a rhythm-based game where you tap on Pokemon trading cards to the beat of a song from the anime.So far it's only been announced for Japan,so what are the chancesthat we'll see a wider release at some point?

A release outside of Japan seems somewhat unlikely, because the song used in the game isone of theJapaneseending themes for the Black & White TV series, so it would require some hefty localization to make it suitable for English-language release. It would be cool if it were released elsewhere though, since we were previously denied the only other official Pokemon mobile phone game,Pokemate, which wasteased during E3 2006 but ended up being a Japan-only release.

Either way, hardcore Pokemon fans will surely find a way to download the app outside of Japan, especially sincecreating a Japanese iTunes app store accountis actually not too difficult. Japan

Jul 5, 2011

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