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Nintendo Switch has a problem with its left Joy-Con desyncing but hopefully the day-one patch fixes it

Several people who got a Nintendo Switch early are reporting one recurring problem: the left Joy-Con controller has intermittent connection issues when detached from the console. We haven't seen this with the GR+ Switch yet and I wouldn't be too concerned if it was just one person, but there's definitely enough to establish a pattern here.

Take a look:

Not everybody is encountering the problem, at least.

And sometimes the joke is unavoidable.

The good news is that Nintendo plans to put out an update for Nintendo Switch on March 3, the day the system will go on sale to the general public. The update will enable the eShop and various other functions and hopefully it will fix this problem, too.

That's assuming it's a software (or firmware) issue rather than a hardware one, though - if Nintendo ships millions of just-broken-enough-to-be-annoying Joy-Cons and can't quickly fix them, that would be a really bad start for Switch. Here's hoping that isn't that case.

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