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Nintendo 2DS is an entry-level portable coming Oct. 12

Another 3DS hardware revision is coming to market, but don't pitch your 3DS XL out the window quite yet. The Nintendo 2DS is intended as an entry-level version of Nintendo's current hardware generation, the company announced this morning.

The Nintendo 2DS is, much as it sounds, a fully 2D version of the handheld system which comes in a single hingeless case for $120. It can play all 3DS and DS games normally with a circle pad and touchscreen, and shoulder buttons migrated to the top of the device--just not in 3D.

2DS's front panel resembles the 3DS XL's matte black, and its back shell will come in red or blue. The kid-friendly system will launch on Oct. 12 in North America, the same date as Pokemon X and Y.

Connor Sheridan
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