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New shots from LotRO's next major update

Later in the year Turbine is unleashing the first full-on expansion for Lord of the Rings Online in the shape of Mines of Moria, but in the meantime the developer continues with its free content updates for the MMO.

Book 13: Doom of the Last-king is the next such update, and new screenshots can be seenhere. They show the region of Eriador which is being added.

According to Turbine, much of the new content that's being added will be solo-able, "but players should expect to have to team up for at least one chapter against the denizens of this icy region."

It continues, "Doom of the Last-king was a very fun part of the Epic storyline to write; bringing in the Lossoth against one of their ancient enemies, Angmar. We wanted our players to see and visit a number of important locations and people in Book 13, including the ancient Dwarf-mines, the ill-fated elf ship, and maybe even get a glimpse of an ancient spirit whose deeds remained unfulfilled."

Courtesy of CVG.

Apr 10, 2008