New GTA IV multiplayer mode revealed

Grand Theft Auto will feature a second Cops 'N' Crooks multiplayer mode, Rockstar has revealed to GamesRadar, bringing the total number of online matchups to a very pleasing 15.

If you've read our recenthands-on with some of the modes, you'll already know that the Cops 'N' Crooks mode is by far the most interesting of GTA IV's online actionfests. Casting four players as crooks - with one player randomly selected as The Boss - and four players as cops, it's up to the crooks to help The Boss to escape, and for the cops to stop them.

Unfortunately - cue groans - Rockstar isn't giving anything away on how the new Cops 'N' Crooks mode will differ to the one we've already played. Though you can bet it'll be no less exhilerating than the original. Finally, in case you've missed the full list, here's all 15 confirmed modes for GTA IV multiplayer:

Hangman's Noose
Car Jack City
Bomb da Base
Bomb da Base II
Mafia Work
Team Mafia Work
Team Deathmatch
Turf War
Cops'N' Crooks
Cops 'N' Crooks (Variant)
GTA Race
Deal Breaker
Free Roam