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Narrative survival game Arctic Awakening is revealed at the Future Games Show

Arctic Awakening, a narrative adventure game from Goldfire Studios, was exclusively announced during the Future Games Show Spring Showcase event today.

Set in 2062, this episodic open-world title follows ex-navy pilot Kai, who due to a plane crash, becomes stranded in the harsh arctic winter. Although he has lost his co-pilot Donovan, Kai isn’t totally alone as he is joined by AI companion Alfie, who won’t let Kai out of his sight.

In the game’s announcement trailer, we are given a small glimpse of what Kai and Alfie have to do to survive the extreme conditions. We're also given hints that maybe Alfie isn’t quite as cute and innocent as his robot exterior would like you to believe. The trailer also gives an insight into Kai’s mental state which has previously caused him to retreat into isolation following a traumatic event. There’s so much to uncover, and so much more we want to find out about these characters.

Along with the first look at this survival story, Goldfire Studios also debuted an exclusive gameplay preview which is set shortly after the crash. According to James Simpson, the director of the studio, Arctic Awakening is a story about “survival, friendship, self-discovery, and the mysteries [the characters] encounter along the way.”

Not only do players need to navigate through the beautiful but cruel tundra to uncover the mysteries that lie beneath, but they will also have the opportunity to shape Kai’s relationships with others with various choice-based dialogue options and voluntary actions along the way. 

Arctic Awakening is set for release in 2022 and will be available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One.

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