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Monster Hunter ships 2 million in 5 days, launch day lines longer than ones for Pokemon Black & White

Capcom announced that it shipped 2 million copies of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd in during the first five days since the title launched last week in Japan. Unfortunately, Capcom neglected to announce just how many of these shipped copies were sold, but we'd guess it's somewhere around all of them.

Prior to the games release, simple pre-order tickets were selling for the equivalent of hundreds of dollars online. Lines on the day of the game's release stretched for hundreds of feet (reportedly longer than lines for the recently released Pokemon Black %26 White.)

Above: Monster Hunter gear fromUniqlo

Monster Hunter is to Japan what the Call of Duty series is to the west, a giant blockbuster series that dominates not just gaming culture, but popular culture as well. Clothing giant Uniqlo featured a line of Monster Hunter related items to coincide with the game's release, and Monster Hunter energy drinks can be found in Japanese convenience stores.

Monster Hunter has to contend with Pokemon for game of the year honors in the Japanese press, but it's a sure bet that the game will take home it's fare share of awards. It just might not dominate them like Monster Hunter Portable 2nd did.


Dec 6, 2010