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Minecraft crafting guide: How to stay alive in Survival mode

It’s dark, your sword is broken, your health is low, and you’ve run out of steak. A common problem in Minecraft’s Survival mode, where getting lost or going hungry is as likely to kill you as the zombies and creepers.

But with some survival know-how and the right tools, you can make your life a lot easier. Here we share some of the most useful recipes in Minecraft to help you stay alive in Survival mode. By the time you finish reading you’ll be like Bear Grylls, minus the part where you drink your own piss.


Ingredients: Gold Ingots (x4), Redstone Dust (x1)

If you’re deep underground mining, it’s easy to forget about the time of day. With the clock you’ll always know the positions of the sun and moon so you don’t accidentally emerge from your tunnel into a crowd of angry mobs.

Fishing Rod

Ingredients: Sticks (x3), String (x2)

Left click to cast your line into a body of water and watch the float (the white thing) carefully. As soon as you see it bob up and down, right click. If you time it right, you’ll get a fish that you can eat raw for 1HP, or cook and eat for 2.5HP.


Ingredients: Wheat (x3), Milk (x3), Sugar (x2), Egg (x1)

Mmmm, cake. Of all the food recipes in Minecraft this one is the most complex, but it’s worth it. Once you’ve crafted one of these treats you can use it a total of six times, restoring one hunger point with every delicious bite.

Golden Apple

Ingredients: Red Apple (x1), Gold Nuggets (x8)

But for pure healing power, nothing beats the golden apple. You might feel bad about eating something so valuable, but not only will it give you two hunger points, but will regenerate your health for four seconds. Useful in a tight spot.


Ingredients: Wool (x3), Wooden Planks (x3)

You can’t have a house without a bed. Craft one of these and you’ll be able to sleep by right clicking on it. This will advance night to day in just a few seconds, but be warned: you can’t use it before nightfall, or when monsters are nearby.