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Miles Morales and Ghost-Spider swing into Amazing Spider-Man #48 first look

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Marvel Comics has released a new preview of interior pages from Amazing Spider-Man #48. The preview features Spider-Man's allies Gwen Stacy/Ghost-Spider and Miles Morales/Spider-Man joining up with Peter Parker as they take on Sin-Eater, a returning foe from the '80s who's gotten a bit of an upgrade since he last tangled with the wall-crawler.

Amazing Spider-Man #48 is the final issue before the series reverts to legacy numbering for Amazing Spider-Man #850, which coincides with #49 of the current volume's regular numbering.

"Celebrate the 850th issue of Amazing Spider-Man! Spider-Man has been pushed harder than he has in a very long time and in ways he has never been before," reads Marvel's description of Amazing Spider-Man #48. "How far can he be pushed before he breaks? Who he has to face this issue is going to answer that very clearly as we are one issue from Amazing Spider-Man LGY #850!"

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With Sin-Eater apparently bringing dozens of people to his side in the form of civilians donning his distinctive green mask, it's no wonder Peter Parker will enlist help from other friendly-neighborhood spider-heroes. In fact, an entire team of wall-crawlers teaming up with Peter Parker for 'Last Remains', the story spinning out of the current Sin Eater-centric arc 'Sins Rising.'

Marvel revealed the interior pages from Amazing Spider-Man #48 during its 'Marvel's Next Big Thing' panel as a part of the online edition of Comic-Con International: San Diego, following the cancellation of the physical event due to COVID-19.

Amazing Spider-Man #48 goes on sale September 9.

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