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Microsoft's Cyber Monday deals are beyond good (and evil)

Stuffed from Thanksgiving leftovers? Maxed out from Black Friday? Hopefully you saved a little some room in your digital wallet, because Microsoft today announced its Xbox Live Cyber Monday sales, and there's at least one or two deals that might cure your turkey day hangover.

Available for today only, Xbox Live players can pick up NetherRealm Studios' Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection for 400 Microsoft Points ($5), Bedlam Games' Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale for 600 MSP ($6.25), Ubisoft's Beyond Good & Evil HD for 240 MSP ($3), and finally Stainless Games' Risk Factions for 200 MSP ($2.50). It's a collection of good to great games that seems to have something for everyone.

The selection may not be enormous, but the deal offers a fistful of decent time-wasters for 50% to 70% off. That is, assuming you haven't already loaded up on the weekend's Black Friday deals and are currently sitting on stacks of games you wouldn't have otherwise considered if not for the fact they were 25% off and you had to conquer a horde of berzerk, sleep-deprived shoppers for the honor of buying it. Consumerism for the win!