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Michael Shannon: Career In Four Minutes

Michael Shannon is actor of immense screen presence, best known for tortured, troubling and terrifying characters.

In The Iceman , he plays real-life hit-man Richard Kuklinski, who was reported to have killed between 100 and 200 victims over the course of his criminal career.

Rather than portraying Kuklinski as a one-note villain, Shannon imbues him with a thought-provoking duality: the cold, callous contract-killer is a devoted father and family-man in his home life, and his nearest and dearest are oblivious to his day job.

We got to see multiple sides of Shannon when he sat down for our Career In Four Minutes interview. From his humble beginnings appearing alongside Bill Murray in Groundhog Day , to working on ginormo-blockbusters with Michael Bay, to his astonishing turn in The Iceman (and not forgetting Man Of Steel ’s General Zod), it's all in there.

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The Iceman opens in the UK on 7 June 2013.

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